Latest Changes

24 June 2012
  • [Removed] Respect ranks.
  • [Updated] Removed completly respect from networth.
19 February 2012
  • [Added] Respect ranks.
  • [Updated] Removed respect from networth.
22 January 2012
  • [Updated] Loser on attack loses 50% respect that winner gains. ie you attack and gain 1 million respect the loser get 500,000 respect taken.
  • [Updated] Scouting protection max 6 seconds normal scout, 12 secounds enhanced.
  • [Updated] Networth enterprises increased.
30 October 2011
  • [Updated] Bomb Production increased 25%
18 September 2011
  • [Updated] Production stops if idle 24 hours
  • [Updated] Production stops if you hit turn limits
04 September 2011
  • [Updated] Networth buildings increased
  • [Updated] Reduced respect in networth
  • [Updated] Changes to max turns Lifetime and Enhanced 15,000 and normal 10,000. Emergency turns can be on top limits.
05 December 2010
  • [Updated] Crew ranks now average of networth and respect
  • [Updated] Add respect to all attacking, not to scouting
15 August 2010
  • [Added] New award system, more will be added daily
  • [Fixed] The amount of cash you receive after the first hit on a home invasion
  • [Fixed] The range should now be working properly
  • [Updated] Online icon, and now shows away if you have not been active in 3 min
  • [Updated] Winnings will now reflect the new attack structure, crews will be rewarded more
  • [Updated] Attack button on a player profile or pop-up should only appear if they are in range
  • [Updated] More career levels, this is a work in progress that will take a few weeks to finish
01 August 2010
  • [Added] Crew chat like facebook (beta)
  • [Added] New award system online within 2 weeks
  • [Updated] Crew online area it is now more visible
  • [Removed] Truces
  • [Removed] Graph lines on main page for market
  • [Updated] Attacking range
  • [Updated] Vehicle names have been changed to more realistic
  • [Updated] Most pages now 50% at least faster
  • [Updated] Over 20 bug fixes (although these changes will probably introduce some more)
Lets spice game up....

We have made significant changes to the game, after years of the same attacking structure we have decided to turn it on its head, winning the game will now be about fighting, planning with your crew, taken out your current enemies, working with past enemies and inevitably attacking friends in order to work your crews way to the top.

Firstly, the attacking range is only based on net worth if you are attacking somebody that is not in a crew, otherwise you will able hit the crew above you and the crew below you.

You will not be able to attack any other crew.

Obviously, truces have been removed. By all means you could make a deal with any crew, but ultimately you are going to have to attack that crew eventually.

I hear you all shouting now, what rubbish. It will never work. They have gone crazy. On the contrary we believe this will be a winning structure for gameplay that will make it more interesting for future developments as well is interesting to play. I know many players will immediately demand it to go back, they will complain. We will listen to the complaints provided they come with reasons why it is not working.

I am sure there will be exploits regarding how your crew works to the top, these will be addressed if the need arises at each reset. But we will not simply revert back because players do not like change.

Travelling: this is identical apart from them you will not be travelling to different countries, you will be travelling around the same city. The city will have a park, town centre, downtown and the suburb. When you make a crew that crew's name will become a new area to travel to. So if you want to attack somebody from crew X you would need to travel to crew X area.

If you are not in a crew you are free to travel anywhere and stay. It would be up to the crew if you are able to hang out in their crews hang out.

Finally, this will pave the way that many improvements regarding how the crews work, upgrades and suchlike. Everybody wanted a fighting game that you need to work together. You've got it.

Previous Changes

06 June 2010
  • [Added] When arson you now find some cash
  • [Added] Top pimps 'Most times on Top Pimps' award
  • [Added] New 'Lifetime' upgrade
  • [Updated] Leagues removed (for now)
  • [Updated] Limits on Truces
  • [Updated] Truces non-public
01 June 2010
  • [Added] Turn investor on/off in right navigation bar
19 May 2010
  • [Updated] Turns now given 1 every minute
  • [Updated] Counter payout now done with payout and counts for invester
  • [Updated] Market changes imediatly after payout
  • [Updated] Lowered server load
28 March 2010
  • [Updated] Reduce networth guns, vehicles, produce.
  • [Fixed] No longer kick in last 48 hours.
28 February 2010
  • [Updated] Remove the ability to take a player from a crew in the last 48 hours
17 January 2010
  • [Fixed] Corrected bug in networth
10 January 2010
  • [Added] New sand skin for those who dislike dark colors. (More to follow)
03 January 2010
  • [Added Rule] No maxing another playing to provide protection.
19th December 2009
  • [Fixed] Rule agree page.
  • [Added] Close link on referral box on main page.
16th December 2009
  • [Fixed] Showing correct enemies in 'enhanced mode'.
  • [Fixed] Targets for non crew members on ranks in 'enhanced mode'.
  • [Fixed] Stop showing down arrow if not moved ranks in 'enhanced mode'.