Street Empires - Multiplayer online text based pimp game - Reset Changes October 2014

Reset Changes October 2014

As we are no longer going to replace this game with the updated version we are going to make some significant changes over the next few rounds, we will try to explain the changes and why they are taken place to give you a bigger picture of what the plans are.

  • attack ranks have been demoted to bragging rights only
  • significantly reduce the bombs effects (this will be monitored closely)
  • remove attacking turns
  • reduce gangs temporarily to 4
  • remove 12 hour wait on production (we have to go to the majority of players)

We have to balance the game between attacking and building, this has always been a problem and I daresay will continue to be. So these changes are primarily to address both sides, the attack ranks were introduced to encourage attacking however they have become a feeding frenzy, we don’t believe anybody hasn’t at one time bent the rules! So they are for bragging rights only now.

People love to build, the game is about building an empire we cannot ignore that. Over recent years to encourage attacking we have made bombing too effective and that needs to be reduced. It is no good been able to take a player out completely with a few hits this not only loses players but must have no satisfaction when it is so easy. So reducing the bombs effects will put you back to old school attacking, you need to organise and plan it because to take someone down is going to require more than just a few hits. Because of this we have removed attacking turns.

It should be satisfying and rewarding to take somebody down.

Reset changes | Attack Ranks

We have been considering reintroducing respect ranks but making it part of net worth again. No matter what we did last time it did not work so we gave up. Instead we have introduced attack ranks. This will reward the pimp that attacks most! For the first round it will be testing only, we willContinue Reading

Game Reset changes 31st March 2013

Happy Easter. Before we talk about this week’s changes we would like to apologise for not letting you know about last reset changes and primarily the pharmaceuticals getting increased price. We also increased nightclub payouts. This week we have: Increased bombs production 10%. Increased net worth of counterfeiters. Decreased slightly net worth Molotov and AdvancedContinue Reading

Game Area Boards and Code Updates

We were hoping to have the area boards ready for Sunday evening, unfortunately because of a few updates in Google Chrome and the way their JavaScript engine works it has given us a complete nightmare for a few days. You may have noticed the Scout pages opening new windows when they shouldn’t have done andContinue Reading

Game Reset Changes – 6 January 2013

Welcome to the first reset of the year, there won’t be any major changes just a few tweaks for now. Slow Ho growth slightly Increase bomb production Thugs will increase to $1500 We noticed the attacking is almost disappeared and created a building game so these changes will hopefully help to balance it. On a sideContinue Reading

Update: Game reset and start

We will reset the game tonight as usual, however the game will remain closed until Wednesday 26 December Boxing Day. A countdown will show the start of the new game. This game will be 11 days and the payout production will start immediately. We didn’t feel starting the game for 12 hours would be appropriateContinue Reading

Street Game and Christmas times 2012

*** Have a good Christmas everybody *** The game will close for two days from Christmas Eve 24 December to Boxing Day 26 December, this gives everybody the opportunity to concentrate on family and what is important and Christmas time.We are sure nobody will be visiting the hoes anyway so the pimping trade will beContinue Reading

Reset Changes: Ho growth when scouting

Some players using a strategy of laying low and building turns until the last couple days were able to bypass many players that have spent time and money building or fighting to gain position in the rankings. We try to counteract this by lowering the ho growth and increasing production, we may have gone tooContinue Reading