Well, I have done everything I can. There's just no way I can reconstruct the player table. This morning I've managed via the history how much bling everybody has. If you head over to the new game mafiatown.com and message me I will sort you out.
Street Empires
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Street Empires Online Multiplayer Game

Street Empires a free online turn-based game, similar to other pimp or mafia style online games, which allows immersive role in a street scene, gangsta, mob role-playing multiplayer world. It has all the features of any pimp, mafia turn based online game but with a complete city economy for production, all you need to build your Street Empire.

Turn-based games like Street Empires enables players to play online from anywhere, mobile phone, laptop and many other devices. You can join gangs, or play solo you only need to login a couple times a day to spin your turns, spend your cash buying enterprises or set up your investor. Or just attack and blow up somebody else's enterprises, what better way to get rid of the stress from work.

No matter how much free time you may have there is always a crew you can join, players from all around the world join in the multiplayer game. You do not need anything specific just anything capable of browsing the Internet.



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